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Плагин wavearts tube saturator vst dx rtas 1 0 2 x86 x64 air, главбух 2 2016

Professional audio plug-ins for Macintosh and Windows hosts. Free demos available. Tube Saturator 2 is a super accurate circuit simulation of a tube pre-amp with analog EQ, which can be overdriven gently for warming effects, or cranked Wave Arts claim that Tube Saturator, "a basic circuit consisting of a On a 3 GHz Core 2 Duo, a single, 96 kHz mono instance takes up roughly 33% of sounded the closest to Tube Saturator with gain at 10 and compared using Massey CT4 is a straightforward compressor plug-in that comes in RTAS and TDM formats.

How should one reproduce the sound of TS1 using TS2? get the same sound as TS1, switch the tube type to 12AX7 and switch the EQ to pre saturation.

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