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Largo tint колеровочная программа и mp3 converter for aimp

The Largo Synergy M3 system components are equally useful to the research and development colour lab, control of raw material, tinting strength, opacity etc. Colour-on-screen display and transfer of formula to tinting machine or scale for point-of-sale use. Delivered as DLL-file to LargoTint 2000 for support of tinting. LargoTint™ 2000. Software for recipe handling and tinting machine control for retailer, production and laboratory use: Administration of formulations, search

Колеровочная машина. Процесс Программа колеровки Largo Tint располагает банком рецептур, насчитывающим более 50 000 цветовых оттенков. Point-Of-Sale statistic analysing software. The Largo Synergy TintSTAT software analysis collected statistics from different tinting systems at your selling points. Колеровочная формула (и колеровочная программа) Причина, почему краски колеруют. LargoMatch 2000 is a colour match prediction system with features for quality control, dosing system or LargoTint 2000 on tinting machine. For easy.

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